Long lost friends and Best husband Ever!

5 Jan

So I want to try and post twice a day but I did not get a chance to today, because I was out with my friend Lauren who I have not seen since our wedding almost 4 months ago! We went and saw Mission Impossible, it was great. There was so much action you never got bored, and beautiful scenery. Plus we saw it in IMAX so it was almost like you were in all the places they visited. I was most excited about Russia because my grandfather was Russian and it is somewhere I have always wanted to go! We had a really fun time and I am looking forward to the next time we get to spend time together, it is just so hard with both of our schedules! I dont really see many of my friends much, I have a crazy job (more on that later).

Dan is the best husband ever, (by the way) he got me something I have always wanted to try and I am about 10000 years late on getting it but so worth it!

Its TruBlood, I love that book series and the show, and while I am not a big fan of sodas it was pretty good! Has anyone else tried this, did you like it? I thought it was orangey and a bit salty tasting but pretty good for soda made for a TV show. He also got me the best christmas gifts ever 3 pairs of shoes, a bunch or running socks, and Hello Kitty items galore. Yes I am 26 and love HK but sometimes you gotta tap into your childhood.

I was going to take the night off from running, but I think I will try and get a quick mile or two in so I can keep my running streak alive!!! Have a great night everyone!


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