Dates with the hubby and embarrassing running stories!

6 Jan

So our dinner date tonight ended up not happening with our friends (they were busy) so we went to Moes, I had the best salad ever they have a new black bean salsa I could have probably added 20 cups of it to my salad. I only got one and was a good girl! Then we went to Cabela’s to look at knife sharpening kits. I of course was distracted by the underarmor clothing, to which Dan said you already have this crap you don’t need more. CORRECTION: I have one cold weather top in black and one set of the cold weather pants in black, a sports bra, and a burn out tee which I usually try and sneak into my regular wardrobe. THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM FOR MORE! We had a nice night together though and were home before 10 which is always a win when you are always exhausted!

Before we went out I did a quick treadmill run because I was a lazy bones this morning and could not get out of bed! I ended up only doing 1.25 miles (slacker status), but it was because I killed myself to run the mile in 10:10 and then decided a good cool down would be better than hurting my poor legs, and making them tired, and injured (possibly). I really need to invest in a foam roller!

Speaking of legs and because I like to torture my younger brother, a co-worker told him today as a joke that I blogged personal stories about him on the blog, needless to say his reaction wasn’t great! But it did make me think of this story. When Harry and I were little our grandparents always watched us, (they live next door to our parents) every week my grandmother would take us to run errands and if we were good we would get to go out to lunch. This was a big deal to us, but Harry did not like the errands he would always tell grandma we had to leave because his wegs were tired. Even though we are from CT Harry talked like he was from Brooklyn as a small child and had a thick accent on certain words. Grandma would respond by saying well I guess no lunch date then and then those Wegs would feel better right away.  I still sometimes say my wegs are tired because it is still funny.

Speaking of embarrassing stories my friend Kate on dailymile shared this link today I got a good chuckle from theses stories and hope none of this ever happens to me, but with my luck it ALL will! Enjoy,7120,s6-243-297–13081-2-1-2,00.html

The below picture is Harry and I at my preschool graduation in 1989 I was 4 Harry was 2, so right around the time he started saying Wegs.

Tomorrows posts will be about our job, we work for our family and it is pretty great but also stressful, and also my first training only post! I only work until 3pm on Saturdays so I have more time to focus on a workout!


What are your Favorite Salad Bar Toppings/ Least Favorite:

I had a salad for both dinner and lunch they were great! I really like raw broccoli, banana peppers and kindey beans or chick peas! 

Do you own underarmor clothing or an equivalent, and do you like them?

I have to correct the above statement I have two underarmor clod weather tops but the second is from my skinnier Rugby days so I dont count it, but it did become key when we played a playoff game in VT in the rain in NOVEMBER…SOO COLD BUT SO NICE! Def when the love affair began! 

Do you have any embarrassing running stories to share?

I run up or driveway because it is a 1/4 mile long and in the woods, I have been scared by/ screamed out loud from a deer in the woods, and like 4000 squirrels and wild turkeys…I always scream like someone is murdering me and my neighbors are always outside…really fun!


One Response to “Dates with the hubby and embarrassing running stories!”

  1. lily wren January 8, 2012 at 4:43 am #

    Great blog Alex, really enjoyed reading it 🙂
    I haven’t any embarrassing stories but have plenty of time for that 😉

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