My job and other weekend things

8 Jan

So clearly I have began separating the blog between training and life activities, that way if you dont want to see thousands of pictures of food, clothes, or hear about my latest klutzy injury you dont have to!

So as promised I tell you about my job! Well can you guess what it is from this picture?

Obviously I dont know if you guessed correctly or not because its a blog… so I will just tell you I work for TSI Harley-Davidson in Ellington, CT! I have worked there on and off since I was 14 years old! (my parents own it) The business was started by my grandfather and passed down, we are one of the last family owned dealerships in our area! Not only do I work there full time but so do both my parents and Dan and my brother Harry!

This picture was taken when I was the finance and insurance manager, I really liked that job because everyone who comes to see you is so happy, they just bought a new motorcycle. This is not your typical family owned business we all had to work hard to get where we are. I have worked in the Parts Department, clothing department, Sales and am now the Office Manager/Accountant! My parents had 2 dealerships and while both were doing well, Harley-Davidson realized they pulled a starbucks and had too many dealerships in one area. They offered a buy back of the dealerships to a lot of dealers but my parents took it so they could focus on one dealership and make it the best it could be! So I went from just working with my Dad and Husband to now working with them all!

Oh yes, plus my mom is training me so we share an office! The new job is pretty stressful we inherited a lot of problems with the whole merger and re-staffing but were getting by! However I do get to run errands everyday and sometimes they are awesome. I usually just go to the bank and post office, however the other day I had to go buy decorations for Valentines day and some candy. (so you know anything sweet is my lifes downfall!) So I went there not having much hope for good candy but…….

So they had a nice selection, the one on the left is one of the grossest candy’s made in my opinion sweet hearts…they are like someone thought making tums into candy was a great idea ICK! However on the right we have a bunch of chocolate, though I have only tried two of the kinds because I dont need 10 pieces of candy in a day! The white wrappers are chocolate and marshmellow and the pink hearts are cookies and cream….really good! Its things like this that break up your work day…plus shopping is pretty fun!

Well I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekends I will be watching the Giants playoff game….I am a HUGE fan and hope they beat Atlanta!


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