Training Post #1

8 Jan

So I never said I was good at thinking up titles for these blogs and I figured with this one I would just get down to business! My training right now currently only consists of running, The reason is I have been having major back problems, my lower back gets so tender and I have now thrown it out twice in about 3 months! I have been trying to reach a chiropractor about it but somehow every time I call they are closed! You better believe I will be calling Monday morning at around 10 because how could you be closed then?!?!

My normal routine includes going to a personal trainer, and boy do I miss that! I had about zero upper body strength, then I started training with Jeff and really got going on building up a good amount! I shouldn’t say this incase he happens to read this because then it will be torture for me, (when I finally can go back!)  but we do use the TRX bands for pull ups and crunches and I really enjoy how challenging it is!

So yesterday I did not get a chance to post at all! I know I am terrible, but for good reason I worked until 3pm, then it was about 60* outside in Connecticut in January….Can you say miracles!!!!! When I got home my uncle was outside with his dog who is the sweetest girl but she is a big goofy yellow lab that loves to jump and sneak attack you so I had to wait until she was inside! My workout was a 30 minutes Jillian Michaels Ifit live treadmill workout. I really like them because it adjusts the incline and speed for you, however setting it to intermediate may have not been the right choice. While the incline of 10% kicks my butt a max speed of 4.8 is almost a walk so I usually put it up to between 5-6-7 depending how tired I am and see how much I can do for mileage over what the workout predicts you will do. I really love our treadmill because it has ifit built in we dont have to buy cards we just sign on. We did get it free for a year but it is most definitely something I will renew!

This is the screen shot from the treadmill when I was done, it is an android powered touch screen, pretty sweet…plus it runs on wi-fi so I can read my favorite blogs while i go, or watch YouTube videos!

I ran the two miles in a 12:20 pace, I took it nice and slow since I knew I was also going outside with the dog, then did a 5 min cool down since the program takes you down to about 2.0 or 1.8 to cool down I usually keep it at 3.0 since that is a slow walk for me.

Then it was time for part two of the workout!

Its little Mr. Finny (yes I know its deceiving he has a pink leash and is so small, but he is a boy!) and my garmin ready for our, RUN, JOG, WALK because he started dragging behind me! Finny and I ended up going 1.5 miles together and I only really wore the garmin for mileage as I am not training my dog to be a runner! However he does love running and does some really funny things on that leash. I will have to add the video eventually.

So I will leave you with that, and as always some questions because I love to hear you comments!



1. Do you cross train for runs, what is your favorite thing to do (non-Cardio) workout?

Clearly I plan on cross training once I can it will only make me a better runner. I would love to run a marathon someday and need to be really strong!

2. Do you have a pet, and do you work out with them?

It is so easy to work out with Finny because he is so hyper and fun to be around….plus its nice to get him all tried out!


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