I married Tim Tebow and Green Monsters!

9 Jan

Well obviously not really because he is about 5-6 years younger than I am, is a holy roller and lives in Colorado! However the resemblance is quite uncanny! My brother was the first to notice it, and now as Tebow mania is on the rise more and more people tell him and sometimes mistake him for the second coming(<——Sarcasm by the way) Tim Tebow!

He really doesnt look so much like him in pictures but they are basically making the same face here, and Dan is holding our Dog Nephew Sugar!

However Dan is told countless times a day he looks like him and a man at a sporting goods store ran to help him thinking he actually was him! Yes because TT has no place better to be on a saturday night then Tolland, CT…..oh he does darn. Also on our honeymoon countless people told dan he looked just like Tebow, thus when we go to Mexico in May for vacation Dan is bringing a Denver Broncos Shirt :). He likes to mess with people and it should be pretty interesting.

I was really ill today so I took the day off from running as I was really drained. It did get me to thinking about energy though and my favorite smoothies! I love Green Monsters, they are usually milk, yogurt, a banana and Spinach….thats right! They are so delicious and nutritious and a lot better for you than caffeinated beverages! I like to modify mine by using 2 cups raw spinach, a cup of low fat/fat free vanilla yogurt, almond milk, 1 banana and a handful of frozen strawberries! I promise you, you wouldn’t even know there was spinach in there if there weren’t little green flecks in there. The blender takes care of it and the taste is so heavenly! I usually have one for breakfast if I do a morning workout and it keeps me full for a very long time! Someone I know once tried it with frozen spinach, DO NOT DO IT! Unless you want a smoothie you can chew I wouldnt!

Okay well it is 10pm time for bed! Hoping to feel better tomorrow and have a super productive day!


Who are you rooting for in the playoffs?

I am a huge giants fan so clearly them, Dan does not like sports but I know he likes Tim Tebow as he said last night he hopes they beat the Patriots! 

Have you ever had a green monster?

What is your favorite after workout snack, or recovery drink?

I love chocolate milk with a scoop glutamine because it does not taste like anything. (like protein can) and because I hate milk so very much but I know I need the calcium, and an apple. Plus usually I just drink water during the day so its kind of a treat! 


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