Being Sick

11 Jan

Being sick is terrible, but being sick like this is the worst. I feel so run down and have slept until 11:00 am two days in a row and still feel exhausted when I wake up or do the simplest of activities. It all started monday night, it was around 4 and I got sick at work and was really pale, so mom sent me home. I came home and made Dan low calorie cream sauce pasta with roasted broccoli with olive oil and garlic and baked meatballs.

It was so good but the little bit I did have did not stay down and luckily I made enough so he could have it again last night for dinner.

I also have spent Monday and Tuesday nights taking baths, they are great for fevers and I seem to have one brewing each day! My Aunt Kim gave me a lush bath bomb for Christmas

It as called the rockateer, smells like candy and was blue and yellow and turned the water a teal color almost like water from the Caribbean. It was beautiful, relaxing and soothing.

However all this resting makes me feel like a bum so I decided to take the dog for a slow 1 mile walk around our house and driveway, it was cold but it did feel nice to get fresh air. Yet it was so tiring. I did want to share this picture though we have a pond behind our house it is so beautiful in the summer, but right now looks a bit scary due to all the tree damage our state suffered in October due to the freak blizzard.

I have worked out a nice trail through our yard, around the pond and up and down our driveway which is really beautiful and terrain changing, which is important to keep my shin splints at bay.


One Response to “Being Sick”

  1. Kim January 12, 2012 at 7:34 pm #

    Love that bath bomb. What a great gift. I forgot to tell You that yesterday I stopped at a store and took my wallet out to pay and the cashier said “wow, I love your wallet, where did you get it?” and she had to look at it, get the name and said she was going to get one for herself. Yes another great gift from a great niece. Love yah.

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