If a tree falls across your driveway….

12 Jan

…..This picture right here is the reason I am so glad I did not go for my run outside this morning.

That’s right a tree next to our driveway fell across it and why yes that gray string on the top left side down and the black string at the top center are in fact our power lines. Thanks for wondering. The other trees and brush on the right side of the driveway that Dan is cleaning up is from the freak Blizzard we got in October that took down many of our trees and we did not have power for 11 days! Those piles of brush are organized compared to what is originally looked like. The weirdest part is we still had power all morning so this was quite the shocker to encounter. Especially since i thought back to my treadmill run this morning I feel like I would have most certainly run into those power lines, my eyes were half closed and my legs had a bit of a tough time warming up!

This situation also made me realize that I need to pack my actual camera in my purse as this was much closer and a lot worse looking in person/on a real camera than on an iphone.

Living in CT and the disaster of Connecticut Light and Power’s response to the October storm, (that made national news) made me nervous for how well cleanup would be done/how fast. I have to give them major props because when Dan brought me home this afternoon, the tree was gone and the wires were back up. Let me clarify by saying the tree was gone from the driveway the rest was pushed to the side and there is a really sweet picture in the remnants and the fact that the roots are all showing, but that will have to be for another day.

Have a good Thursday Night everyone!


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