Healthfulness, in a clueless world!

13 Jan

So last night I was on facebook and my friend had posted this picture, which had come from Jillian Michaels facebook page originally.


Now McDonald’s is only forced to post this in California locations, but why not everywhere?

Especially in today’s society where everyone seems to believe everything they see and hear. From the latest celebrity gossip to the commercials McDonald’s themselves put out there. The latest commercial I have seen from them has a beef farmer talking about how the premium cuts of meat he sells to them are the same he serves his own family. I find that hard to believe, especially since Dan and I were making a joke the other day about how when you get food from any fast food place you kind of question what kind of meat you are eating exactly!

Though even the warning itself is strange as it goes to say basically if you eat hashbrowns and fries you are going to get cancer because of the browning process, no matter where you get them. Even more confusing is when the note goes on to include drinks, those don’t have potatoes in them. (I would assume and hope). So they should not be at risk as this is a natural occurence in cooking pototaes.

So what is the right thing to do, never eat McDonald’s again or fries in general. I think the true answer is our culture needs to become a lot more heathful and focus on more whole foods that are healthy for us and natural. I will still eat french fries on occasion and I do enjoy McDonald’s Coffee, but clearly I do not go there every day. However some of my co-workers do because it is close and fast.

It’s time we stop looking for quick fixes to our hunger problems because they can be dangerous. The whole note itself makes me nervous and I think Americans as a whole will most likely ignore the warning because everyone thinks things can never happen to them. But it can and it could, so be smart about eating and maybe we can tackle the obesity and some cancer issues in the country by eating less processed food and being more active.


Not trying to be preachy here, as I do eat junk food. It is just that as time goes on I see the standards of nutrition in our society are severely dwindling.


2 Responses to “Healthfulness, in a clueless world!”

  1. Middleaged Runner January 14, 2012 at 8:22 am #

    Yuck! So glad that I don’t have a fast food habit. I DO eat junk food, just not of the Mickey-Dees variety. God Forbid I find out that sour patch kids and reeses cause cancer, that would be a bad day in my life….

    • xelak22 January 14, 2012 at 10:18 pm #

      True story, Sour patch kids rock!!!!

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