5k outside and uprooted trees!

14 Jan

Today Dan and I ran 3.2 miles all outside. Since the high today was around 32* and it was much colder when we actually got out at 4pm, it was a bit hard. We started the run off on a trail near our house and had gone a little over a half mile before we hit the road. By this time I realized I had not stretched enough and we took a quick break to loosen up before we hit the road. We live near an elderly community and they have lots of walking and hiking trails. We ended up going a back way through the woods, to the walking trail, through the community and back to our house! The whole thing took 44:13 to do, which is not a bad pace for the terrain changes, cold and wind that we were not used to.

The nice thing about the walking path was it has a bridge that goes over a river and two gazebos. If my phone wasnt running the couch 2 5k program we were using, I would have taken pictures. Even in the winter with the muted grass colors and leafless trees the path was still gorgeous! There was two gazebos on it and in each one Dan had us run around them like they were part of the trail. It was a good learning experience as well since I like to try and run too fast and he slows me down so I can keep pace!

When we finally got back I took pictures of the tree damage after it was cut by the power company! Here are the shots to end this post, as I am half asleep already!

The last one on the right is of the hole in the ground after the tree uprooted it is much more scary looking in person!


2 Responses to “5k outside and uprooted trees!”

  1. Middleaged Runner January 15, 2012 at 8:00 am #

    Good gravy! Look at those trees! did you guys have a tornado or something, I must have missed this… Nice run on a chilly day- although I’d appriciate a day on the 30’s right now as it is about zero. Suck-o…

    • xelak22 January 15, 2012 at 10:36 am #

      No we just had a really rainy day and this happened! All the trees were weakened by the blizzard we got in October, and strangely enough we never lost power this time even though there was a big ole tree on our lines!

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