Sleepiness, Body Wash, and Twins!

14 Jan

This is a super random post. I do have a training post I am planning on sharing later this afternoon, because I have to do my run after work.

So yesterday I was still feeling quite run down and just a little sick still, so why not give myself a real rest day? Yes, I did feel extremely guilty, but I knew I would run better today because I rested. Fast forward to this morning 6am…I was super tired and did not want to get out of my warm bed with this freeze making its way into the state. I figured if I waited until this afternoon it would at least be sunny and a bit warmer and I could run outside with my new running tights! If you are looking for new ones the Dick’s Sporting Goods near us (Newington, not Manchester) had them on sale for $29.99 (reg $45.99) GOOD DEAL, especially since they were Rebook as well !

Speaking of a good deal, our co-worker Al had given me a bath and body works gift card for $10.00 for my birthday last year. I was able to get two body washes (colored ones pictured below), one full size lotion and two mini lotions for .49 cents! (after gift card of course!).

The above picture is of my three fave body washes the first one is it’s raining men(It is a yellow/honey color but as you can see it is almost gone and tipped on its side!). That is sold on and while it is aroud $28 for that big bottle it has lasted me almost 6 months! It smells like honey and chocolate and is so divine, it’s like dessert without the guilt! The two from bath and body works are heavenly and I guess the Pomegranate one is hard to find. As the girl who rang me out was jealous I found one left! I would have to mention we went the day after christmas so they were having a really good sale!

Finally I would like to end this post with the above picture. Yes Dan and I dressed like twins today for work because it was tailgate day and they didnt have Tim Tebow jersey’s in CT (who knew, right?!?!). I was so happy he supported my team and win or lose tomorrow they had a great season which was way better than projected this year by all those fancy analysts! Pssssh! 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone we are doing dinner and a movie with some friends but this post is too long so more on that tomorrow!  As you see Dan is also really excited…or maybe that’s his I really want Tim Tebow to win today face, or my wife is a crazy lady who dressed me face!


One Response to “Sleepiness, Body Wash, and Twins!”

  1. Kim January 14, 2012 at 11:14 pm #

    you guys are too cute. looks like new England is in…sorry Teabow. I ‘m writing this on my iPad and can’ t see the words so if it is weird that is why.
    played Zelda at Tamarra’s today. good game so far but lot of talk. good bye.

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