2 rest days and Giants win baby!

16 Jan

So Sunday I took off from running because after our 3.2 mile cold run I was due for a rest day and because mom and dad were having a playoff party for our co-workers, so I was helping. We did a football pool all year at work and half the money people put in went to the party. Little did they know it was not to pay for the party it was for a grid and based off points people won money. Dan ended up winning $85 and the giants won so I was happy! Grandma not so much but she did agree to take this picture with me!


It is kind of dark and I had heels on so I was slouched against the fridge as I am 5’8″ and grandma is 5’2″. With the heels I am close to 6′ so yea a slouch was needed! The weekend was really fun, Saturday we went and saw Contraband with Marc Walhberg, great Movie!

Flash forward to today it was a busy work day and I was still so sore from Saturdays run and as I am prone to shin splints I took another rest day. When we got home Dan cooked the most delicious dinner!

That sandwich may look like grilled cheese but it is actually a chicken burger infused with some gouda, red peppers and caramelized onions, so delicious and made in the Forman grill so not much clean up. The white stuff is some artichoke spread we have, some tortillas and an apple! I was so full after the sandwich that I couldnt eat the apple or finish the chips. Finny was so very glad to have the chips…..Plus what a sweet husband I have!

After dinner we did a quick bunch of cleaning and are now watching the new show Alcatraz! It is really cool, I love History and Dan thinks Alcatraz is interesting, plus its made by the people who made Lost! Bonus, I promise to run tomorrow and have a much more interesting post.


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