Double Run Day!

18 Jan

After this mornings horrible run I decided to try again when I got home before family dinner. I was able to get 2.5 miles in 30 minutes. Including a 4 minute cool down walk because my legs were still sore. I was pretty happy with that performance. Not the best pace, but for not feeling 100% I got it done and it is something I can be proud of.


The rest of my night was filled with this delicious goodness, courtesy of my Grandma. Yes the one with the cheese-head!

Dinner was an amazing chicken and rice bake, some whole wheat bread and some earth balance butter (non-dairy, soy-free), and roasted carrots and broccoli! YUMMMMMMMM.

Family dinners are my favorite days,time with family, really good food and jeopardy competitions. My Aunts are the funniest to watch it with because my Aunt Kim knows a lot and randomly guesses things people think are right so they don’t answer because she seems so certain, and is sometimes wrong. My Aunt Tamarra doesnt play but comments on how smart we all are and how Kim and I should go on the show. I am pretty sure my going on the show would end up in me telling Alex Trebek that we had rhyming names before I got married and then crying because I didn’t know any answers. I can border on the over dramatic! Plus who wants a year supply of rice-a-roni if you don’t come in first!

Short post time for some revenge (the show) and  cuddling with Dan….Finny is sleeping over my Grandma’s she is his favorite person ever we call her his lady!


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