Exciting News and Delicious Food

18 Jan

No the exciting news was not my run this morning that was so less than stellar! Let me tell you how I almost fell off the treadmill this morning because my legs were so cramped (and I did stretch before!) So I ended up only going 1 mile in 11:10 eh. I will have to take it and be proud, as Dan told me something is always better than nothing. I will have to try again when I get home, and if not I will be playing my wii boxing game (gold’s gym cardio workout). Pretty fun,no leg impact and doesnt bother my lower back much at all. Plus I have to post this picture of my number 1 snuggle buddy being super cool last night.

Yea he thinks that fleece blanket is his and wherever it is placed you will most certainly find little man! Plus no one lecture me I know he needs a haircut and I plan on bringing him very soon!

Anyway, my exciting news is I have a Chiropractor appointment tomorrow morning at 10 am! You do NOT even know how EXCITED I AM! I will have to ask him when I can go back to training with my personal trainer because even though it is murder I do miss it! I was refered to the Dr. by my Mother In Law so he should be pretty darn cool and good if both in laws use him!

Now on to the delicious food portion of the blog, which is honestly why over 90% off you will read this! Last night I made Chicken bacon ranch crockpot goodness, so here is the finished result and a picture of my dinner last night. Yes my salad was a good 20% larger than my cbr mixture(there is more salad under the pasta), but it is so good and how good is raspberry balsamic and olive oil as dressing?


It turned out really well and we have so many left overs that it will probably be our lunches for the rest of the week! Speaking of lunches….

Why yes you may be super jealous of my sweet Vera Bradley Lunch Box, I also have a matching purse I won at a charity auction. (Well mom won it, paid for it and gave it to me. Those moms are just great aren’t they?)

Todays breakfast (at the bottom) was eggs scrambled with some Mrs. Dash and a piece of toast with a little butter and even less Nutella. Snack is activia and an apple. You can see lunch is CBR Mixture and second snack is a 50 calorie peach cup, individual pictures did not seem as appetizing. 

I read this article yesterday that timed out exactly when you should eat, exercise and sleep for better weight loss results and more energy. Thus why I packed two snacks, I usually only have breakfast and lunch. I am always over hungry for dinner though, so I am going to try this out for a couple weeks and review it later.

Have a great day!



What do you pack for your meals for work, or do you buy your lunch everyday?


What was today’s workout, for you?


How good is activia yogurt?!?! (sorry I had to this was also my tweet today on twitter @zandralexia if anyone else has one!)


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