Car Accidents, Doctors and First Dogs

19 Jan

I walked outside this morning and had forgotten about my boneheaded driving maneuver until I saw my parking job.

The house in the background is my uncles not ours, which is Red!

Let me explain why my car is all the way behind Dan’s Truck in the lawn. You see three years ago when we moved into our house I was driving down the driveway, which was icy to come help paint. I was going a bit fast and hit Dan’s car he had at the time in my car at the time. I should know that just because I drive an army tanker now I still need to slow down! I hit ice and slid but luckily this time got safely to the yard before hitting Dan’s beloved Maxima or truck! Good thing he doesnt read the blog because he will still never know how close it was ;).

In other news I went to the Doctor today who informed me we will fix my back! It may be pain free in as little as two weeks or longer, as we are not exactly sure where the problem is.  However he did say I can still run and go back to my trainer!!! WOO WHOOOOOO!  Could you tell I am excited? I will keep you all updated as I know how riveting and interesting my daily life is! (sarcasm).

Finally we end this jumbled post with this sweet face, who I visited today….

This is Zoe, and yes that is a pillow and blanket that she was using like a human, this dog knows how to live it up!

Look at that pretty girl, she was MY first dog. I type it like that because she used to sleep with me in high school and loved me above all things (except food). However when I went to college she formed a super emotional attachment to Mom and still lives with them. She is a super food hound and a really cute little chubby beagle. I love her a lot and think she is really smart….(but not because)she also hates Finny because she is around 10 and hates playing and Finny sets the world record for hyperness in a confined area!

She is smart because she can somehow propel herself onto tables to eat massive amounts when no one is watching!

Off to do a short quick run most likely just a mile as today is a “rest” day and my back is starting to tweak out but I want to be productive!


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