Running towards the weekend!

20 Jan

This morning I went down stairs to the treadmill (it had snowed last night) and I dont want to chance shin splints because I’m running on super uneven surfaces, or chance my falling down because I am so clumsy! I had to take a picture because honestly who doesn’t want to look at this the whole time you are running?


I am sure you also noticed the very sweet trailer that says TSI Harley-Davidson. Why no our house doesnt have a garage so we have a company trailer that is OLD and now retired to house our lawnmower! Also my sweet chandelier. The treadmill is indeed in the dining room due to space concerns. It also cannot be placed upstairs at all due to low ceilings and a 6’5″ husband!

Anywho last night I ran 1 mile in 12:20. I will have to take it since I was starting to get sore from the chiropractor. This morning however, I went 2.10 miles in 30 minutes. Not the fastest but I did mix my Couch to 5k program with a Jillian Michael Ifit (pure murder incline) workout! So the pace wasn’t bad for the steep incline adjustments. Plus isn’ t it more about overall time spent running, rather than speed or mileage clocked when first getting back into running?

That is what my books have been teaching me. One thing you must know about me is I love research (nerd alert). I bought Kara Goucher’s Running For Women book (for my nook) and got Runners World’s complete guide to running (hardcover). Thanks to the in laws for the Barnes and Noble gift card my nook book was free and the runner’s world one was discounted with subscription! I will have to review them later, but I am almost done with both! I decided to get them because I want to train correctly this time and avoid injuries. Plus an Alex Karnolt training plan probably is not as good as these plans, I am no expert!

Finally I leave you with this picture and a run down of our weekend events.

Here we have a sleepy Dan cleaning off my beast of a car this morning so I could go to work (on his day off!) I know he loves me and is awesome, because I did not even ask him to do it. Though it probably has more to do with his beloved Maxima being covered in snow.

Tonight we are spending time with my second family (the Karnolt’s), and I could not be more excited! It is my father in laws bday, so it should be fun and full of laughs. I will probably not be taking food pictures tonight as I am not sure they read the blog, and they probably think I am weird enough anyway!

PS- I have Saturday and Sunday off like a normal person….pumped!



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