Birthday Fun!

21 Jan

So last night was my father in-law Joel’s bday! We went over to their house, where I found out they do read the blog, and subsequently blew up my spot about almost hitting Dan’s car. (Thanks Joel, I will give you a pass since it was your day!) Being at the Mom and Dad K house means we also get to see my sister in-law, her boyfriend, and the cutest guest of the night my nephew dog Sugar. Here is a picture of him from last night.

Doesnt he look just like a baby seal! Too cute. I enjoy holding him like a baby and petting his tummy.

We always have really good dinners at their house and last night was no exception, though I do think Marie was trying to over feed me last night, but I loved every second!

Yes you can be jealous of that delicious chicken parm, and how my in laws always make the best/most amazing salads. They always put things I would never even think of together and it tastes like heaven!

Plus since it was a birthday just when you think we didnt have enough food this happened!

We brought the cake, it was birthday cake ice cream with red velvet cake (my fave, and I didnt even know it was in here, bonus!)from coldstone! So good. Plus that is Dan’s hand on a lighter he was lighting things on fire like a small child!  I think Joel really enjoyed that super large knife as he used it to cut open his presents as well!

It was a really fun night and we stayed until 11 or after i cant really remember because my eyes were closing hard on the way home, I was a tired lady! We woke up to snow this morning, so my day will consist of a treadmill run, cleaning and enjoying my books so i can do my review in training soon.


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