A musing….things that make me crazy vs. things that make me happy!

27 Jan

Okay, so I took yesterday off from working out and from blogging. It did however help me come up with this post.

Also I will post my next training post tomorrow, so if this one isnt your cup of tea, check back tomorrow!

THINGS THAT MAKE ME CRAZY! (Must be in red font to emphasize the furiousness!) 


Cucumber Melon is a delicious scent, in fact one of my favorites, so the fact that this bottle smells like hospital soap/disinfectant is gross! Thank you Dollar Store for your lies! Not only do my hands smell gross after, but they get really dried out.

Number 2. People who smell like they never do laundry or wash!

There is no picture of this because I was not going to take a picture of this guy at the bank when I was making the work deposit, but he was in front of me. When even the teller helping you is trying to hold their breath there is something seriously wrong!

Number 3.  This Ad and others like it! 

Botox and any other medical/plastic surgery ad’s in magazines. Listen I read Bon Appetite Magazine for the food articles not because I want to see three and a half pages on botox and its side effects! Plus this lady and Kim Kardashian are too young for that junk. What happened to graceful aging.

Number 4 (is less red because I am not sure if it annoyed me or I liked it)

In theory this looks and sounds delicious. In actuality the taste left a lot to be desired. Mom refered to it as what she imagines breast milk tastes like. I did like that it was very hydrating though, I did feel like my thirst was quenched.

THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY…aside from running

Number 1. 

That my magazine had this recipe!

Those are indeed oatmeal and chocolate moon pies…cannot wait to make those!

Number 2. Dunkin Donuts has Coconut Hot Chocolate! 

Plus the fact that I ordered and paid for a medium, but got a large cup and filled to large level because I added a turbo shot! Nice treat after the DR. Today!

Number 3. Going out to dinner with Dan 

Last night we went to Beni’s where we had our rehearsal dinner for the wedding. It is a great place we really love! We are also going out to dinner tonight!

Finally Number 4. MY Favorite Soup of all time. 

Beef and Barley homemade from the local supermarket for lunch, a winning day!

Oyster Crackers rock!

Editor’s Note: Dan, Finny and Endorphins make me happy on a daily basis as do my family and friends. Oh and Hello Kitty! Thank you!


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