Running trails, road and elderly walking paths

29 Jan

Yesterday when Dan got home from work (it was my day off), we went for a run outside. I really enjoy the fact that even though Dan continually says he hates running he still gets out there and does it. It really is a time when we get to bond over something just the two of us do together! Plus even though I am a little under a foot shorter than him and he could kick my butt with stride length, he stays right with me until the end, and I am more than okay with that!

We took our usual trail, which I just love and will be super gorgeous in the summer. I will be bringing my digital camera then because the pictures will be great! The only downfall to the trail (roads, waling path, trails in the woods), is that one part is not mowed or cut back and is full of prickers, thank you running tights for saving my legs!

This time we decided to do the route backwards, I read in one of my books that it helps you build even muscle tone in your legs and also trick yourself if you run the same route different ways, that way you don’t always rely entirely on your left side! Running it backwards however meant getting to the pretty parts near the end, and running the SUPER MUDDY (because the snow melted) trail in the woods last.


The walking path we go on has two of these bridges and two gazebos, one of the bridges over looks this lake which we be awesome in the spring/summer. I had to put up the gazebo though since dan makes us run through them in a circle and out. It is fun to do something funny and give yourself a good laugh.

We finished the run in 41:58 (Dan) and 42:18 (me), last time we did it in 45:00 and Dan stayed with me the whole time so we shaved a good amount off! I got really tired towards the end and told him to go ahead I needed a quick walk break. Hey this was my second run of the day and the first one was a cake walk comparatively, as I was on the treadmill and there was no trees on the side of the road to hurdle, or mud sucking my shoes up on trails!

When we got back I asked Dan to take a picture of my outfit since he said I looked much less homeless today then last time we ran outdoors. WARNING: if you ever want to run with me realize I dress crazy, I seriously toned to down for yesterdays run!


My mom told me I looked like I was going to swim in a triathlon, she is funny. Plus I am painfully aware of how round my face is, and that headband isnt doing me any favors! It is still pretty cool though, I actually got it at work. It is from harley-davidson’s PINK Label Collection and proceeds of the sale went to breast cancer research. Plus it is reversible, so if I want a bright pink headband and we all know i do, I have it! The rest of the outfit was my adidas shoes, the HK socks from my last post, under armor tights, nike shorts that were a wee too large, a UMASS Lacrosse shirt (thanks John and Nikki, they won it at a charity event and I asked if I could have it SWEET FRIENDS!)  and finally my under armor jacket and HD Headband! STYLIN!!!!

If I look super mad in the second picture, it is because it is really the 12th picture, Dan decided a photo shoot of me walking towards him was necessary!

Have a relaxing sunday everyone!


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