This weekends not workout events…

29 Jan

…and an unplanned three day weekend!

This weekend was really fun, aside from the wake friday night. Saturday after our run we went to a retirement party for our co-worker Joe. He was a cop for 23 years and now works full time for us! It was such a great and happy celebration, and as the Designated Driver I got to reap all the benefits, of watching everyone else. For instance after we left and my Mom wanted a Big Mac we stopped at McDonalds. I got a shamrock shake because lets be honest I cannot resist MINT! My Mom kept telling me to get something more, to which my Dad said, excuse me we are in training up here! (Dad could probably not run 6 feet, let alone 3.2 miles, so it was pretty hillarious!

Plus it meant my parents let me take their pictures!


Sorry the pictures are so dark, I forgot I had my digital camera with me until later!

But that is my dad, he was rocking some mean cowboy boots last night. Mom was laughing really hard this whole time, which is why she has such a big smile.

The night was really fun and the food was SO good! All I had eaten that day was ramen noodles with extra water, broccoli and  veggie bullion.


 Everyone uses their books as a table I know!                                                                                       Yummy goodness from the party!!!!!!

Today we played Laser tag with friends and then Dan and I went to our favorite dessert spot. Yogurt madness!

I played one game and the boys played two while I waited. They like to brag about the fact they finished in first, second and third but come on this was their competiton.

Those small children were I guess super good according to the boys…ha ha!

Then Dan and I went to Arby’s they have an amazing low calorie salad! (No picture because this was more important!)

Mine is the green spoon, it is important to get three different flavors, but the majority should be red velvet cake flavor frozen yogurt, a little strawberry and a little chocolate. Then cover with mochi, gummy bears, strawberry boba balls (google them, it will change your life), and strawberries, kiwis, one cookie dough bite and two brownie chunks. Dan said it is a great thing that I have a second stomach for dessert and I think it is true. I can be so full during dinner but eat a pound of dessert if I need to! Downfall city.

I also have tomorrow off SCORE! Only because my parents have to go on a business trip wed- sat and get back saturday at 8pm, so I have to cover saturday! I am more than okay with it since it is a 6 hour shift and because Mondays are the WORST!


I hope everyone else had a good weekend and CONGRATS to Blair (find her blog   here )on her first 5k, the Arizona color run! She did great and i am so inspired for my first 5k as well, I wish we had one as cool as that one! You wear white and they splash you with color along the course, so when you are finished your  shirt, hair and skin look cool!


4 Responses to “This weekends not workout events…”

  1. runningcorgi January 29, 2012 at 9:50 pm #

    It seems like you had a great weekend! Plus Monday off 🙂

  2. Nicole Oppelt January 30, 2012 at 8:05 am #

    ohhh where is that frozen yogurt place…that looks so effin good!!!

    • xelak22 January 30, 2012 at 9:04 am #

      Newington on the turnpike, next to the chilis!

  3. Kim February 1, 2012 at 6:22 am #

    That laser tag place looks pretty cool. It’s great to see your parents on here. I can’t believe Kelly let you take her picture. Have a great day!
    Love Yah.

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