Do not eat and run!

30 Jan

It is so simple and yes I know better, but I was so busy today I had to rush my run right after dinner. Let me explain my day first. I had to take this picture because I had things to build and Dan said me and tools is scary.


This is my don’t worry I am good with tools face!

Though I was already really happy with myself do to lugging all this around!

The bottom box was so heavy and I didnt have Dan with me to help lift, so the muscles worked hard today!

This is what all my hard work built…

The book shelf is just the perfect height for our knee wall and the wire racking was put up to hold extra towels and bed linens, having a house built in the 1950’s does not afford us much closet space!

After all that was done I put new sheets and a comforter on the bed, isnt that a wonderful feeling?

Then I made dinner.

Target has the best grocery section, pinwheel steaks with garlic herb butter and spinach, grapes, green beans and rice pilaf yum!

I didnt have much steak as I got full pretty fast, but then I decided to go for a run, BAD PLAN! So much cramping and tiredness, but I got it done. 2.3 miles in 29 minutes I will take it, I also did some wii fit yoga and my chiropractic exercises so I rocked today!


2 Responses to “Do not eat and run!”

  1. Middleaged Runner January 31, 2012 at 8:08 am #

    I can never run after eating- my belly is so damn fussy anyway that extra food in it spells certain disaster!
    looks like you guys got some good handy-work done!

  2. Kim January 31, 2012 at 12:34 pm #

    You rock all the time! Love your picture. You look like a mad scientist.

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