Crushing your hand in the car door=rest day!

1 Feb

NOTE: If you do not care about these injuries scroll to the bottom for a yummy recipe!

This is how my day started I should have known it would be not so swell!

That is a hickey and a swollen wrist from carrying a plastic bag on my arm (I had to buy coffee and cream for work at

 Big Y.) . Apparently yesterday I was the bruise queen!

So yesterday I was very busy at work, I turned around and it was 3:30! I had to hurry home and fill the crockpot so that dinner would be ready when we got home from work. On the way down the driveway I realized the trashcans were out from trash day and since it would be dark when we arrived home I would take them down in my car and just leave the back hatch open. Once I drove down our 1/4 mile driveway I decided to unload it, but the weight with the recycling bin in it, plus the speed it fell out at, equaled it slamming into the ground and me putting my hand out to stop it. This resulted in the top slamming shut onto my hand and the hatch of my car also came down and slammed into my hand! The reult of that looks something like this…


Whole hand pretty swollen!                                                   Close up of my black and blue middle finger which today is darker.

 Plus I am pretty certain the knuckle of your pinky finger is not supposed to be blue and rounded when your hand is not bent!

It felt pretty darn good as you can see. I put some ice on it and drove back to work. However since I could not bend my three end fingers until this morning, it was a super fun drive!

Anyway after work I came home and my hard work had paid off! I made a recipe I had found on pintrest but was unsure about. That is until I saw it HERE, she loves food almost as much as I do, so if she liked it I knew we would!


I did not link her exact post to the recipe because I modified it a bit. Here it is (my version that is).


Cream Cheese Chicken Chili:

3 Frozen Chicken Breasts

1 Can of Rotel (the bigger size) do not drain

1 can Black beans, drain half the can do not rinse

1 can of corn undrained

2 packages ranch dressing mix

1 Tablespoon cumin

1 Tablespoon garlic powder

1 8 oz. package light cream cheese

Hot sauce for your bowl!


Mix everything together into crock pot cook on high for 3-4 hours. The last hour take the chicken out, shred it and place back into crock pot. Warm everything together for the last hour and serve. Note if you do find the original recipe (i read on pintrest), it does tend to thicken quite a lot (the next day) because there is not enough liquid, so if you want it to still be chili and not filling for a wrap follow my recipe. I also upped the seasoning due to the extra chicken and liquid I added, and replaced onion powder with garlic powder. It is still amazing and makes a ton. We have enough for lunch the rest of the week!  Plus the hot sauce tip is spot on by the way I suggest you try it. I had one bowl without it and one bowl with it and it is so much better with it! Plus calories make hands feel better so I was doing myself a service by eating it!


One Response to “Crushing your hand in the car door=rest day!”

  1. runningcorgi February 1, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

    So sorry to hear about your hand. Feel better soon!

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