I do not understand groundhog day…and training.

2 Feb

Here is why I do not understand the day, all these people travel to PA to see if a rodent sees his shadow. If he does it means more winter, if not early spring. Let’s face facts here people, the media sets up a crazy amount of lights and it is always so bright, there is really no way he can NOT see the shadow. Plus now there are groundhogs for every state, in CT we have Chuckles, (who by the way did NOT see his shadow today, but Phil DID). Conflicting stories here people. Plus the biggest fact of all is, Spring is 6 weeks away regardless, thats the way the calendar works!

Now that I have finished venting my workout this morning was a 28 minute treadmill run, in which I went 2.26 miles. My pace was 12:23. I am happy with it because it puts me on pace to finish my 5k well under 45 minutes. That is my only goal for my first 5k because I want to start small then build up for PR’s.

Now I am just catching up on the biggest loser from Tuesday night, I think Kim and Conda are little children and need to chill OUT!

Then I will be going for my second run of the day on the treadmill, I wanted to go outside but it just did not happen! Tomorrow is my final chiropractor appointment, and I will see if I am cleared to go back to the personal trainer!

Hoping for good things!


2 Responses to “I do not understand groundhog day…and training.”

  1. Kim February 2, 2012 at 8:36 pm #

    I was going to check out the new Alcatraz shows on I-Tunes but I found Season 4 of…. MERLIN instead. MERLIN. MERLIN.. Oh by the way what is it you don’t understand about Groundhog Day… It’s a great movie.

    • xelak22 February 2, 2012 at 8:39 pm #

      great movie yes, dumb holiday in which grown men have a secret society that watches a groundhog, it reminds me of the south park with the easter bunny!

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