Really Random Facts about me and tons of food pictures!

2 Feb

I had to take two days off from running, due to the crushing of my hand, if you haven’t yet you can read about it HERE! I was able to get a run in this morning but that info is going into tonight training post. I also decided a bit of color would be a bright spot in everyones Thursday!

First the random fact about me then some food!!!!

1. I seriously hate spiders, and will scream if I see one. There was a little harry black one crawling around on the copier at work today and it had to die! I will scream and run from any and all spiders reguardless of size!

2. I have naturally curly hair but pay to have it permenatley straightened. No one wants to look like they have a small afro when their hair is in a ponytail so I get it done so I can actually manage it! Plus I can now brush it while it is dry without fear of snapping a brush in half!

3. My Dog is named Finny after Karen Walker-Finster on Will & Grace, my friend Missy and I loved that show in college and she used to call me Finny.

4. I was a premature baby and my mother actually did not know she was pregnant until the day she gave birth. She did not gain weight and still had her period, I am a miracle baby! I was also not supposed to survive childhood without abnormailities but I did!


Basically my two days off gave me reasons to eat good food, since calories help you recover, RIGHT?!?! This gem was a creation yesterday morning because it was one of my hungriest days as of late.

Green Grapes dipped into chocolate and vanilla Jello Sugar Free Pudding is the snack of champions!

We also now have Dove Dark Chocolates at work, so I had to have one. I love that the wrappers have little sayings, and this one fit perfectly since Wednesday is family dinner night!

It says celebrate family and friends, and celebrate we did! My grandmother always cooks to feed a small army, and I certainly ate like a small army last night!


Grandma knows the way to my heart is carbs, meat, cheese and French Dressing! Chicken Parm is so delicious, whatever cheese she used was the greatest!

Back with my training post later tonight! I had a fantastic treadmill run this morning and really hoping to get at least one mile outside tonight!


2 Responses to “Really Random Facts about me and tons of food pictures!”

  1. Kim February 2, 2012 at 8:44 pm #

    Now I know where Finny’s name comes from… Oh Finny, he is so cute. Tell him i said Hi.

    • xelak22 February 2, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

      WIll do, he is lying between dan and I, you know 9:30 on a thursday and the Karnolt’s are in bed 🙂

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