Losing weight never felt so good!

3 Feb

I think I have mentioned before that our job is doing a biggest loser competition. If not, they are and the winner gets $500.00 cash as a prize and we all are going out to dinner as well. We have weigh ins every Thursday, I take down everyones weight, write it in my excel spreadsheet and Mom takes down mine. This week since Mom is on a business trip I just had whoever was around write it down. If you are a reader of this blog you know I do not care who knows my weight. I figure I am an attractive enough person and if anyone will judge me based off of a number they hear, then they are not worth my time anyway!

Also if you are a reader of this blog you remember my weight loss motivator. If not, or if you are reading for the first time you can find that post here. Well since yesterday was weigh in day, and I was down .09 since last week. (Really not sure how because I man handled some chicken parm the night before, this running thing must be doing me good.) I got to take out 9 of the candies, and luckily my work friend Krystle was there to volunteer to eat them. (She could stand to gain some weight so we like to feed her!)

Yes, even though I only got to take 9 out and there are still 391 in there, I still got to take 9 out. As with my training for running anything worth doing takes time and being slow and steady will help you a lot more! When you build your base for running you do long mileage slow runs. When you lose weight it comes off slow and you build up to your goal!

The fact that it is less full than it was when I started is added motivation, and it is something I stare at each day at work!

Speaking of training I decided to pull a Two-A-Day yesterday and ran when I got home. I decided to eat dinner when I got home and then gave myself a hour to relax before running and getting all crampy. I did something right because I finished last nights run at 2.52 miles in 30 minutes! The fact that I shaved 23 seconds off of my pace from 12:23/mile in the morning to an even 12 made me so happy! I pushed hard and yes I was out of breath when it was over, but I loved the feeling of pure exertion, and knowing I can let myself tell me I am too tired. Or I can fight my brain and show it what I am capable of. I have no doubt that I will finish my race in less tha 45 minutes and I will be proud of myself!


I just had an all around great day yesterday, capped off by the fact that I had this for lunch!

Geissler’s, our local supermarket makes homemade soup each day and has it 365 days a year! This is their chicken with brown and wild rice, mixed with some of the chicken stew. I only added the stew because it had peas and I LOVE Peas!!!!

Also that diet snapple was plum-a-grante tea flavor, I love anything plum flavored and pom flavored so the two together= GENIUS!!!!


Today is also my BFF and Matron of Honor’s Birthday! Her name is Nikki, she moved here from PA a couple years ago and is married to Dan’s BFF so we hang out a lot! We are going out to dinner to celebrate her birth and I am so looking forward to it!

This is Nikki and I at mine and Dan’s engagement party, the picture also features a guest appearance by my Father in Law, Joel!


Hope everyone has a great weekend, I will be working tomorrow, but you better believe a pre-work and post-work run will be going down!


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