Weekend fun, and really tough run

5 Feb

Friday was Nikki’s Birthday we went out to dinner.


Sorry the pictures are dark, the restaurant was very dimly lit. But that roll was awesome and had an herb butter, and the pasta was vegetarian with sundried tomatoes, which Dan kept eating and asking if they were bacon…no they werent!

Saturday we had to work, then it was time for a run. This was the crappiest run I have had in a long time. I started getting side stitches 10 minutes in and had to walk most of it. We ended up going 2.02 miles in 26:43. I rounded it up to 27 minutes because it is closer. I did get a bit discouraged as well because I really want to be able to at least jog the whole race next weekend and I wasnt positive I could do it!

When we got home I had to bring Finny out and this cheered me up!


They love playing, but she also loves to attack me and jump all over me! She is in mid pounce here, while Finny tries to run away!

Finally last night we went to our Ellington Harley-Owners Group chapter Christmas Party. It was fun, and for some reason there was a lion with a scarf on outside the restaurant so naturally Dan and our friend Todd had to pose with it!

Dan is holding the bottle of wine Todd won in the raffle and the movie ticket basket he won! I also won a bottle of wine. It was a really fun weekend, and you KNOW I am settling in to watch the GIANTS WIN THE SUPERBOWL!

But even if they don’t a 9-7 team going to the superbowl is still amazing and I will always be a huge fan!


2 Responses to “Weekend fun, and really tough run”

  1. Kim February 5, 2012 at 7:05 pm #

    1st quarter and it’s already 9 – 0… The pat’s are looking awful.

    • xelak22 February 5, 2012 at 11:14 pm #

      Kim I love you so much for rooting for the giants tonight, you are the best aunt! I know you like the patriots and am so glad you love me more!

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