New Shoes and Training before our Race!

8 Feb

So as many of you know our first 5k is this weekend! I am pretty nervous but we should do really well! I did not train monday but I did train Sunday, Tuesday Night and this Morning. The latter two were done in my new shoes, which are heaven!

Sunday, I did a quick speed workout program on my treadmill, it has an awesome 20 minute speed booster and I really like it! Sunday’s mileage was 1.72 in 20.0 minutes, and average pace of 11:37. I wanted a quick workout because I was all about the pregame show of the superbowl! I also had to take a break and rest in the middle of this I was really tired and my stomach was not feeling it.

Tuesday I went to the movies with a friend, we saw the woman in black with Daniel Radcliff AKA Harry Potter! It was super freaky! Also we went to dinner before hand, and I ate all my pasta, the waitress then said, “wow usually people take a lot of that home.” I was a bit offended but realized I do not care what some crazy waitress thinks about me anyway. Plus when you can pack massive salads like this into your stomach in one sitting and still lose weight, I shouldn’t worry.

Anyway I got home around 9pm and decided before I watched biggest loser (which made me so angry by the way, Conda needs to GO,) I should work out. I queued up my c25k and last nights run was a 9 minute run 3 minutes walk 9 minute run. I do not know why those numbers intimidated me but they really did. The run seemed like a struggle and I think I was psyching myself out. I ended up calming down and finishing the run.  2.51 miles in 32 minutes with 12:42 pace, I will take it! That time includes a warm up and cool down, with a side of panic attack.

This morning was much better! I woke up late so I figured I would give the quick 20 minute speed workout another try. Especially since I am trying to save my legs for the race. I ended up running the whole thing, no breaks and was really proud of myself! 1.75 mi in 20 minutes and a 11:25 pace, pretty solid and really happy with all that! Especially with the race looming. Its funny because I freak out really bad but as soon as I start running I get relaxed.

Plus my new shoes rock

Pretty colors and no break in was required, I have NO blisters…WOO HOO!

Review on those tomorrow.

Now because my Aunt Kim said she stops reading after seeing pictures of Finny it is at the end.


2 Responses to “New Shoes and Training before our Race!”

  1. Ronalee February 9, 2012 at 5:42 pm #

    Another great post.

    I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am excited to see the shoe review. Have I turned into a geek or what?
    We went shopping for a new pair of Asics a few days ago and I wore them today. I have been already thinking of a blog post titled “the first 7 hours of my new shoes”.
    I really enjoy reading your updates as you prepare for this run. We have our Mardi Gras parade here on Saturday and there is a virtual run for Sherry Arnold. I won’t go into detail here about it, but you can google it if you’d like information.
    Love the picture of Finny and it cracks me up that you put it at the end like that.

  2. Kim February 11, 2012 at 8:39 pm #

    Thanks for the Finny picture. I put it on my iPod in an open window and every once in a while at work I open it and say…”aweaaaa Finny”… He’s so cute.

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