Race Update!

10 Feb

So we are projected to get 3-6 inches of snow, the race is in Hartford which is notorious for terrible snow clean up! The director of the race told me that he talked to the city and they are going to treat and clean the course. I am really excited to run our first race and will definitely be keeping it slow and well within my pace if it is too bad. Thank you everyone for the emails and comments of support for the race. Even if we have to walk it because the course is bad, I will be glad to say I finished it. Plus we did get cute shirts that say UNAVAILABLE across the back since it is a Valentines Day themed race, and we are married and sickly in love :).

I will post hopefully some pictures and highlights of our racing experience, and as you all know my goal of 45 minutes or less was well within reach in good conditions, but I think is also possible in bad conditions since I will be much more inclined to keep MY PACE and not speed up to where I think I should be. Yet if I have to walk and do not make it there is always the next race, and I would rather not bust my butt falling on snow or ice just to beat a goal!

My upload cord is not here, so I am not able to post the picture of the shirt/gift bag from the race but I will get around to it. Dan and I had to go to a funeral for his Great Aunt today and I left the cord at work. It was a nice time with his family and and happy remembrance of her life. Dan had mixed feelings because it was sad his Great Aunt Michelle had passed away, but he was so happy for the time he got with his grandparents, who live in South Carolina. I really did marry into one of the sweetest and best families!


2 Responses to “Race Update!”

  1. Michelle February 10, 2012 at 8:52 pm #

    Good luck guys!!!!!

    • Alex K February 10, 2012 at 10:57 pm #

      Thanks Michelle! And thank you for the really sweet email! We are so excited, and I already promised Dan not to take off like a shot at the beginning, especially with the planned weather conditions I think a slow jog will be our pace!

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