Race Day In Detail

12 Feb

Yesterday was my first race, if you are a reader of the blog you knew that but I am still so excited! I woke up at 6 am even though it was not until 10 am, because I could not sleep well and because I had gotten my monthly “gift” early. Wonderful! As many of you know that time for me means serious cramping and pain…..most of which is hitting me right now. There is a great chance I will be missing work tomorrow because of it.

Anyway, eventually we both got ready and were on our way to my in laws so that we could ride with Noelle and Jess and so I could give Noelle some underarmor.  The best gift we could have been given was the fact that the SNOW STORM was nothing, we had less than an inch at our house, and everywhere else had nothing.

This picture was after the race. But its also one of the better ones in which my large inner thighs are not eating my running shorts!

Back to the race day, we drive into Hartford and park at the fire house. We then walked over to the race and met up with my Aunt Tamarra and Uncle Bob, the takers of our race day photos!

We warmed up and then it was time to run, but not before we danced the cupid shuffle. Let me say I get embarrassed easily and was not about dancing in the streets. However it is now Dan’s goal to be the best cupid shuffler next year, he said he will be so good they will give him a special award :).

Then the horn sounded and we were off. Dan and I planned to stay together the whole time no matter what, I thank god he was here with me or I might have given up. As soon as I started running my legs cramped up hard and I remember thinking stupid lady time, its going to be a LONGGGGG 3.1 miles! I started walking a half mile in and was almost ready to cry. Then I got warmed up and Dan was encouraging me to go and that I could do it. We had to go up two hills, the first much steeper than the second, and before we hit the second hill I got my second wind. I was running again long before this, but still in intervals due to my legs. I looked over at Dan and he was tired he told me to go without him and he would catch up to me because I was ready to take off, and I did. I loved every second of the race, even the pain in the beginning. When we crossed the finish line I was so happy Noelle and Jess had already finished in 28:03 and 34:something, I don’t remember Jess’ exact time. We all did really well and as Dan and I cross the finish they were there to meet us and congratulate us. I remember looking at the clock in disbelief as I ran by it and it said 36:26. Dan finished in 36:25, one second better…I will take it! My goal was under 45 and in the beginning I did not think I was going to make it! To keep around an 11:45 pace was great for Dan and I. It gave me great hope that I will be able to get back to the level of running I used to excel at.


the start of the race                                                                                  Jess Crossing the Finish line.

 Our Sprint to the finish!

 I think this was right in the beginning when we started running again, Dan was thrilled. Just so everyone knows every time we start running Dan proclaims how much he hates it..but I love it and he loves me, true love over here people! Also when we crossed the finish line he said it was a great feeling and he enjoyed that and will race

again. (he just informed me the above picture he made a finger gun and pretended to shoot himself at the camera!) Also the lady in that picture loved my socks and was really funny!

There is a picture of me crossing the finish but I have about 30 double chins so I don’t think ANYONE want to see it! Noelle there is no picture of you finishing because you creamed us all and they were waiting for us in a different area!

Also I had to post this, an example of why you should NEVER be responsible…

Yes that is brown rice, and Dan’s ipod nano and headphones. He decided to wash all his racing clothes right after the race and ended up washing those as well. It does work, thanks to the rice but he learned his lesson!

I was to busy being excited that my other pair of Kinvara 2’s arrived, too bad not in time for the race as they matched my socks so well! So I could clearly not be bothered to wash clothes, or to shower before 5pm!

Everyone can thank Dan for the Finny appearance, and you can see Dan’s green shirt laying along the floor to prop him up!

So that is the big race in detail….can’t wait for the next March 24th! Anyone want to run in Terryville, CT with me :).



5 Responses to “Race Day In Detail”

  1. Nicole Oppelt February 13, 2012 at 8:24 am #

    yay awesome job girl :)) I’d consider the March run but it’s the day after my birthday so I probally will be hungover that morning lol…

  2. Nicole Oppelt February 13, 2012 at 8:25 am #

    ps i LOVE those shoes….I need to get a new pair soon…mine are silver with bright blue and white/grey with pink trim so I’m thinking another BRIGHT pair will be bought soon too heheh

  3. nikimiller February 13, 2012 at 9:52 am #

    Great Job! That is an awesome time for you first race! You totally rocked it!

    • Alex K February 13, 2012 at 3:01 pm #

      Thank you so much!


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