Valentines Day Events!

14 Feb

Aside from working that is!

Dan and I got take out for dinner, and he had got me a movie for the “holiday”. It was your highness with Natalie Portman, James Franco, and Danny Mcbride. Hilarious movie and a great time snuggling with my husband, you could tell it has been a bust week already when you both fall asleep during such a great movie!

Now I am more awake and watching Biggest Loser, I am saving my run for tomorrow morning since my back is still a bit tight. Better safe than sorry, I don’t want to be stuck in bed for a week!

For Valentines I woke up to a movie, a nice card, a box of Hello Kitty candy bracelets which I handed out at work and only kept one so that I did not eat them all! Plus I got the flowers, beautiful!


Plus Dan found out about our trip! We are going to Las Vegas in October for the Monster Energy Cup finals! Whoever wins the motocross race wins 1 million dollars! Dan is so excited to watch the race and to go to Vegas, as he has never been!

Well I have to go, when your Valentine is as cute as mine you’d want to spend time with him also! 🙂


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