Bad outfit choices, loner cars and great dinners!

16 Feb

Dan and I went to the gym this morning before work! We went to the new Cardio Express in Vernon, it is really nice. I was excited to use the new treadmills they have. WHOMP WHOMP! I wore these new yoga pants I bought in a medium, or that is what the hanger said, they were larges and thus way to big for me to be running in. I swear at one point I had the waist band over my belly button and still falling. Really hoping I can shrink them. All the outfit rearranging led to a very frustrated me who walked fast more than running and thus ended up with this!

1.8 in 14:13?!?!?! WHATTTTT HORRENDOUS!! Oh well there is always tomorrow to wear shorts and actually bust out a good run!

PLUS THEY HAVING SPINNING CLASSES, Really want to get into doing those to build my leg strength and overall endurance!

We then decided to do some abs!

Hahaha, you can totally see Dan’s head in the mirror and only my forehead because he is so tall and also yelling at me for taking pictures while working out. Also hey pink sneaker :). I had an 8lb medicine ball Dan a 12!

We did a circuit of 2 sets of each, we were going to do three but had stuff to do before work. Yes we did sit ups on the big balls, I did mine slow up for 4 then down for 4. We also did those things where you rest your shins on top of the ball and tighten your abs and roll the ball in. Then we did side touches with the medicine ball, and bell ringers, and hip bridges. AND PLANKS! I can still do them for a minute and side planks for 40 seconds. I was really glad I have kept some of my strength from training with Jeff, even though I have not been able to go since November. However I can go again at anytime, and will definitely love every second!

After the gym we had to drop my tank of a car off and pick up this bad boy loner! Somehow a nail got in my tire, my axel boots ripped (maybe because 500 trees fell in our driveway!) and I needed an oil change.

Hey little house :). Yes we have a red house with a tin roof, you can thank my father. We do every time it rains! You see our house was built by my grandfather in the 50’s and was the first house my dad lived in so it had to be restored to original condition. So even though it is loud when it rains, it is awesome for snow because it slides right off! Plus I am very sentimental and think its cool we live in my Memere and Peperes old house, but they are not married anymore. (Clarifying because eventually they will be in the blog with their “new” spouses and I don’t want anyone confused.) My grandma is my mothers mom, and she has dinners Wednesday. My grandpa is in heaven, so yes I have 5 living grandparents and one that I love with all my heart that I wish I could see again!

Anyway back to the car, I had an ’05 Altima before my Armada so when the choice came between this one and the rouge you knew what I would choose! It is pretty sweet! MEMORIESSSSSS!

Then we went to work 12-8! After work we went to Chili’s for dinner I had already eaten dinner at work but Dan was really hungry and this was my Valentines dinner out. (Chilis is my all time favorite restaurant, say what you will but I love it!)

So I figured I could score a nice lunch for the next day, and mission accomplished (I know you are all worried about my nutrition!)

Sweet and Spicy chicken, from the healthier menu items they offer. Steamed broccoli, rice and chicken in a habanero/orange glaze. AWESOME!

P.S.- the one bite I took out of the chicken was pretty much it, all of that went into a takeout container to accompany me to my office tomorrow!

Dan got Taco’s they also looked good, and yes I snuck a picture of his food.

he already ate one and the rice and beans.

Okay well I have to go to bed now, I am feeling bad about today’s run and thinking about tomorrows! Plus I have to get it done early in the morning. Goodnight friends, and feel free to leave me some comments, because I really enjoy them!


4 Responses to “Bad outfit choices, loner cars and great dinners!”

  1. Laura Michelle February 19, 2012 at 8:04 pm #

    You’ve inspired me to start running!

    • Alex K February 19, 2012 at 8:53 pm #

      awesome! That is the best thing I heard all day! I wish you all the best 🙂

  2. Kim February 20, 2012 at 6:01 pm #

    You’ve inspired me to think about running.

    • Alex K February 20, 2012 at 6:11 pm #

      Are you serious!?!?!?! I will go with you! And help you start! IT will be good for mexico. We can start out walking together. Especially when it is sunny on wed during the spring!

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