Training and parties and movies oh my!

18 Feb

After work today I was severely tired, I was up until 3:30 am cooking for work and then worked all day. However I still went to my personal trainer after work. Yes I am Hardcore :). (sarcasm). It went pretty well, I am certainly not as weak as I thought I would be since I have not been since before Thanksgiving. The only problem was my quads my left one kept tensing up, very annoying. I was going to run after but thought better of it, since they are still a bit shaky. I was glad to get a good stretch and a foam roll in while I was there. The perks of your PT being a runner!

So work was very busy and I have lots of pictures of the food but I will have to add them later, I am far too lazy to get my upload cord right now. I also have a very cute Finny Picture! The Mardi Gras Party was a hit and all my hard work did pay off!

Tonight we are going to see Safe House with Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington….while it is an action movie there are two cute men to stare at. As long as I dont fall asleep it should be a great movie! We are also going to dinner. I am looking forward to a laid back night. Also if I care less what people thought I would rock some yoga pants to the movies but I cannot do it.

Sorry for the crap entry I wanted to get this in before the day ended. I will tweak it tomorrow!

Have a great saturday everyone!


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