Detox Day 2 and this cold is kicking my behind!

22 Feb

So I have no workout to post because this cold is kicking my butt, I am over tired and really stuffed up. Oh well! I did continue successfully with the detox today though!

Breakfast was a green machine smoothie, Pineapple, Mango, Kale, Cilantro (didnt have parsley), Romaine lettuce, I think that was it. This one was really good, sweet, but you could still taste the veggies and how fresh it was! I also learned my lesson and put it in a travel cup, Dan gets a real glass because he is an adult and doesnt take 2 hours to drink 8 ounces of fluid.

Lunch was avacado, with yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes and a dressing made from lime juice, garlic, olive oil and salt and pepper. So delicious!

You hollow out the avacado and fill it back in, cute and tasty!

Dinner was supposed to be apple and butternut squash soup, but again the cold is hitting me hard so I am not too hungry! This is what it looked like before I pureed it to completion.

Finally to end this post I have some random pictures with some good info!

This is the best tool ever! I love fresh pineapple and coring it is a pain, this gadget from williams and sonoma works great! If you cannot tell I love EVERYTHING I got from my bridal shower!

Speaking of the wedding, this was Dan the day after showing off his GQ pose……yes be jealous ladies :).

Finally we end with Finny! My little man got a haircut today and looks like such a little gentleman!

I was sitting on the floor at work, and he kept hiding under and next to moms desk, getting a picture of him was like being on Safari!

Have a nice night everyone and I will be getting my run in tomorrow even if I have to take 7 dayquill pills :)! In all seriousness though I will run tomorrow because this whole not running thing which is supposed to help this cold be over, really is not helping. Plus running makes me NOT be a cranky crazy lady.


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