A day of day three’s and some really great friends!

23 Feb

Today is the third day of detoxing, and minus my cold (day four of that), I am feeling good. This morning, well now actually we are drinking no sugar added, all natural apple juice as breakfast. Today we work 12-8pm so I figured juicing all that stuff then eating lunch like an hour later serves no purpose. Lunch today is the butternut squash and apple soup from last nights post. Dinner I think we are going out to Moe’s but since I get a salad every time with no meat anyway and no dressing it still fits the guidelines of the detox.

Today was also Day 3 of Week 1 in my ease into 10k program! Even with my never ending hell beast cold, I was still able to get my best time of the week and push myself hard. I turned this circuit into a nice speed workout. As you know the program goes 5 minute warm up 3 min run (x5) 1 minute walk (x4) in between each run then a five minute cool down after the final run. What I did was start at a 5.6 speed on my treadmill, then after each 30 interval passed I upped it .1, then the next run I would start up one higher than I started last time and so on. Since 5.6 is a really comfortable pace for me now, one in which I am not out of breath it usually is always my starting point.

As you can see I did 29 minutes and went 2.58 miles. I would never round it up to 2.59 because that gives me false confidence in my distance. I would rather think I am capable of less and surprise myself at my accomplishments.

Finally as you know if you have checked my racing link, I have my next race on March 24th. It is in memory of people who have died in car accidents. November 2010 my friend Lizzy passed away in a car accident. We had been friends all through college and played rugby together for four years! I was sad that we had lost touch. The other alumni girls and I are planning on running this race in her memory. If you would like to join us here is the link to register.  Register Here This will be a really fun race for a really great cause and in memory of such a wonderful person!


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