Body image and fitness.

23 Feb

This is a big issue for women, most think unless you are pin thin you are not fit. Most men think that as well. In fact it is a topic of conversation more often than not about runners stereotypical body types, who has them, who doesn’t and times you race in relation to that. I know I certainly fall into that category, I think I have a terrible body and fitness image of myself, however I have to remind myself that I have really good blood pressure and cholesterol and it is better than some people who are 20 lbs lighter than I am and eat junk food all the time and do not exercise. I do exercise and try to change my body so I can be a better runner, but I do not think a certain body type will get me there. I will always have big boobs and most “runner” body types are flat chested, people are surprised all the time when I tell them I run. I know I struggle with my fitness goals vs my bodies appearance and many other women do also. Then I came across this picture.

These are all Olympic Athletes, with all different sorts of body types. Yes the distance runners are small framed and slender, but ALL of these ladies are fit. All of these ladies are in the peak of physical fitness for THEIR sport. It just shows that everyone is different and there is no set type to be good at certain sports. I am 5’8 so I am much taller than both distance runners, but I do plan to run a marathon and successfully finish it. I think even having a small frame and weighing less would not make me a more successful runner, however I know working hard and training correctly will help me accomplish that no matter how much I weigh, my height, my build, or any of that. I think we all as women and men need to accept that fact that we are who were are and love ourselves for who we are. If we can do that we can do anything, and you can do anything I never thought I would be able to run a 5k after breaking ribs, but I did. Yes it was hard and it is still sometimes hard to run and breathe correctly but I work at it everyday just like these athletes do to perfect their talents. Hard work is what will get you there, as will loving the body you were given, and not because you envy those who have the typical body type for your sport. At our 5k race there were people of all body types and when we looked around before the race there were people I just knew would beat me or be slower than me, and I was wrong on both counts. You can never assume anything, especially what you are capable of and THAT is what you should take away from this post.


One Response to “Body image and fitness.”

  1. Kim October 20, 2012 at 11:56 am #

    Love the pictures. What a dull world it would be if everyone was the same. Diversity, acceptance and peace… that would be a wonderful planet. Love yah.

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