100 calorie snack choices

24 Feb

Today Web M.D. sent me an email with some 100 calorie snack choices. Yes the usually 8 baby carrots and some hummus were on there, as were 14 almonds. I was thinking this would be another boring article filled with snacks I would never eat unless they were my absolute last option. Then things got interesting.

A frozen bannana as a popsicle not only looks and sounds delicious at 79 calories, but also reminds me of arrested development, which is one of the greatest shows of all time! Plus, there’s always money in the bannana stand ;).

This is probably my favorite one, graham crackers and chocolate forzen yogurt at 84 calories you really cannot beat it! It is like a guilt free smore, yes the marshmellow is missing but I think totally worth it!  

This one is probably the most satisfying, 1 cup of tomato soup for 74 calories. Plus with it being a liquid it will fill you up faster and you will be less inclined to eat more later on!

This one is my own addition, one stick in not 100 calories but seeing how I gave up sugar for lent, this has really carried me through. Sugar free and tastes exactly like Ice Cream, sign me up!


What are you favorite low calorie snacks?

What are your all time favorite snacks of any time?


2 Responses to “100 calorie snack choices”

  1. Middleaged Runner February 24, 2012 at 4:28 pm #

    Haha, there IS always money in the banana stand… 🙂

  2. Kim February 29, 2012 at 7:24 pm #

    I just had 3 giant strawberries for dessert. I don’t know the calories but they were pretty good considering the season.

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