Shamed into working out and other horrible things! (2 good things)

27 Feb

Yesterday I was extremely lazy and did not feel like running. Then while going through the mail I saw the book of shame, and realized I had to get on that treadmill before heading to Mom and Dads for the Oscar Party!

Why yes that is the Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalog, and with our impending Mexico Vacation looming I figured it was time to get on that treadmill! By the way the magazine coming was not the good thing. Women all over the world feel shamed upon seeing it and feel the inferiority! Ha ha I am half kidding!

The good things were my run turned out awesome!

I was so happy to have been on pace to match or beat my race time!

Then it was time to head to Mom’s party, my mom is a party queen and is so cute about planning and executing parties!

When we arrived at the house we were met with this sign.

The second picture is of the gifts we each got for coming, candles and a trophy for Lauren who won the ballot contest!

It was a really fun and relaxing night and the perfect ending to a good weekend, but the start of a terrible DAY!

This morning my alarm did not go off because my phone died! I was supposed to be at the trainer for 6am! Luckily I woke up at 5:56 am and made my way there and was only a bit late! It was a really good workout and really energized me for the day. My work day was fine and nothing bad happened there. When I got home though it was BAD! I went on the treadmill and did great! However while I was running Finny chewed one of my new shoes! Then I was making a salad for dinner and a can fell out of the cabinet and smashed my big toe. To top it all off my internet died because of my router GRRRRR. Clearly I got that fixed though!

I also made a good salad, I think it is time to head to bed before anything else crazy happens!

Todays run went great!

Salad from dinner and an amazing dressing!

Why yes there is broccoli, red peppers (cannot see those), mixed greens, cucumbers and Mangoes in that salad!!! I made Dan some chicken as well. That was really the saving grace of the night!

Goodnight Everyone!


One Response to “Shamed into working out and other horrible things! (2 good things)”

  1. Kim February 29, 2012 at 7:30 pm #

    That salad looks yummy! Does that dressing have maple syrup in it? Sounds good too.

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