Half Marathons, Races and Finishing Detoxing!

28 Feb

Today I signed up for my first half marathon!!!! WOOOOOO! I am a bit excited, just a little though.

This picture is from HERE, it was the official picture for the race, plus thats a pretty sweet finisher medal! I did inspire my co-worker Krystle to sign up with me to run it as well! I am pretty excited as she used to run in high school and said I have motivated her to start again! It is nice to know that my hard work inspires others in a positive way! Plus it is always nice to have someone to run a race with and keep pace with!

As you know my next race is March 24th and is in memory of my friend Lizzy, so far we have a solid group of college friends running it and Dan has also agreed to run this one as well! I am very proud of him, he goes to the gym every day and it is really starting to show. Plus he is so much happier! I think it is all part of his master plan to be Tim Tebow’s body double!

Plus I got this in the mail and will be keeping all of OUR race bibs in there, yes even Dan’s because he would just throw them away!

My plan is to also sign up for the Iron Horse 10k which is in June. I think it is a good stepping stone to the Half. Plus my training in my ease into 10k training has been going SO WELL!

Today I beat my PR race time by over 2 minutes! I was so excited! I am also thinking of taking a break from the program tomorrow, as a rest day and just going out and running an easy 3 outside before we get snow!

Finally today marked a week of the Detox! I decided to stop it since it was working really well, but not really providing me with the right nutrients for my training. Without adequate proteins I was super tired and hungry all the time. I will go to it and do this at least once a month because my body does feel healthier. Plus the best part of it all as learning to juice for breakfast, since it is much easier on your digestive system than eating a large breakfast! So in celebration of finishing the detox I made dan and I really delicious salads!

That is the same salad as last night, with rice, hot sauce and taco chicken from the crockpot. I found a recipe online and tweaked it to make it healthier and still just as tasty!

Crock Pot Chicken Recipe:

4 frozen chicken breasts

3 tablespoons taco seasoning

3 cups water

1 vegetarian bullion cube

Mix everything into crock pot cook on low for 7 hours, at 5 hours shred chicken and place back into crockpot.

This was really good, I think if I wanted to since there is still extra water in there I could add beans and some veggies and have a really good yet still low calorie taco soup!

Now I will be watching biggest loser and passing out!


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