Crazy weather, good food and crappy running!

1 Mar

I added a new layout I hope everyone likes it, it is much more streamlined and I think a better fit for the blog!

The past two days we have actually gotten SNOW! The only bad thing is driving in it. Not because it is dangerous, but because people do NOT know how to drive in snow. We live in New England this happens every year. The snow wasnt even sticking to the highway today and the car in front of me kept slamming on its brakes! Plus yesterday this happened!

I was stuck behind this car for close to 30 minutes, due to some sort of accident less than a mile from my house. The red glow from above the car is because there were about 7 police vehicles and a fire truck blocking the road and I never saw a car accident!

As for the good food, Wednesday I made another salad with taco chicken, which was only made better by Costco peach and mango salsa as dressing!

The salad was baby spinach, red cabbage, raw broccoli and chicken and salsa!

Then there is tonight’s dinner, chinese food! It is my absolute favorite and I was so excited to no have to cook. Laundry and dishes were enough for tonight!

Chicken and broccoli is so good, the only downfall of oriental cafe is they do not have brown rice…sad face! They made up for it by having the greatest take out containers ever! I will def be keeping it after I finish the food and reusing it to bring lunches!

Then there is my run, I took yesterday off because it was family dinner and by the time I got home due to the snow my mom was already here to pick me up! I shoveled our sidewalk quickly and went to my Grandmas! Then there was today, just awful! I do not know what was up with me but my legs and back were cramping, so I stopped early!

I went 1.30 miles in 15 minutes, not bad as it was an 11:32 pace. I was just disappointed, but I do have my trainer workout tomorrow morning and am planning a run after that! Oh well its time to relax now and sleep off the bad run!


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