Tim Tebow Sighting, Best Mom, and Shoes

3 Mar

Last night Dan and I had to go to a wake. Afterwards we went out to dinner, because we went right from work. When we sat down a waiter came over and told Dan, “Hey man has anyone ever told you that you look like Tim Tebow, I was going to come over and ask for an autograph.” He was really excited about it and Dan of course loved it! The waiter took our drink orders and a waitress returned with our drinks and took our orders, turns out he was the bartender and just wanted to inform Dan of how much he looks like Tebow!

He was Tebowing right before this, but would not let me get his picture for it! Oh well.

After dinner we headed over to my parents house, thanks everyone for your kind comments for my dad on my facebook! He was in good shape, because the medicine the hospital gave him had not worn off yet. My Mom who was worried about him but had hours to kill actually came into work yesterday and left after 15 minutes, I think she was really worried about him and just did not know what to do. She also went shopping and got herself some Dr. Scholls for high heels. She also got me these…

Gel Sport Dr. Scholls for my running sneakers! I will certainly be trying these during my run today! I am also glad that mom has finally realized I will not wear high heels everyday, and is supporting my running. 🙂

Speaking of shoes, I had gotten new shoes yesterday since we had the funeral to go to today and my dresses are all a bit too big right now. They are rock and republic for Kohl’s and since they were having a really great sale I also got them for cheap.

I really like them, I do not have any blue pumps and they are low enough that they were comfortable right out of the box. This is part of our shoe collection at the front door, they are the only high heels because if I put anymore there Finny will take them and chew them.

Why yes all Dan’s sneakers are exactly the same, I just took the dog out wearing the two all the way to the left in the front and they were both left feet. I suppose thats the risk you take when you know all his shoes are the same, due to size 15’s being hard to come by.

This morning while getting ready I was so excited to find a black pair of stockings I did not know I had. However they can ruin a good thing pretty quick!

So we had to stop at Walgreens on the way. Putting on pantyhose in a car in a parking lot is not fun, but was necessary! Well it is time for a run and then relaxing, it is the weekend after all. I do not know how good of a run it will be since I woke up and my right calf was spasming when I went down the stairs, hopefully it was just a tight muscle and a good stretch and run will work it right out!


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