Hard workouts and good meals!

6 Mar

Today I worked out pretty hard! That will have to wait for the end of the entry though, as it did occur at the end f the day.

I woke up this morning and took my yummy gummy vitamins! They really do make taking vitamins that much better.



Then it was time to pack my breakfast and head off to work. We had a meeting, but I had to miss it because I had a chiropractic adjustment, man did that feel like heaven!

Breakfast today was 0% Chobani with a little honey and apple cinnamon cheerios and a banana!

I worked a lot today, as today seemed to be the day every bill ever was mailed to the store, days like this I seriously hate the way bills are entered and paid through peachtree!

Then it was time for lunch, I packed a salad and an apple but decided I wanted some soup as well and thus this was the most glorious lunch. That dressing is amazing and Dan also loves it!

I know you wish your desk had Hello Kitty Post Its, Bath and body works lotions (2 kinds) and a glass and container that need to be washed! Those strawberries were amazing, and will be making a cameo in tomorrows breakfast!

When I got to work I found this on my desk, because my co-worker Krystle also loves Hello Kitty!

Times like these I wish I had a baby so I could give it that to snuggle, or at least keep in its room due to the eyes being so small! (Don’t worry Mom Karnolt, after my marathon we will start planning a grandchild for you.) :-).

Then it was time for the gym, Dan and I took our first spin class, the lesson today was do not let the instructor who was easily 8 inches shorter than I am adjust your seat height to such a high level, major wedging and chaffing! OUCH!!!! There is a reason I do not wear thongs when working out, and today certainly seemed like I was. Oh and if this is too much info for you, you should probably stop reading my blog. Anyone who knows me knows I am not shy about injuries of any type, or pretty much anything, except bathroom related events! (thats something you just dont talk about!)

Other than the odd seat height we both loved spinning! It was really fun and helpful to my endurance. Much like my running the beginning SUCKED, but as we progressed I settled in nicely and finished strong. I always have trouble with my first mile, such a PAIN! When I got home I was still energized so I ran a quick unplanned mile in 11:45. I felt really good about the time, especially since even with all my stretching my legs were pretty tight and the run did help a bit.

Then I ate a salad, some pasta and watched biggest loser, which Dan sat down and watched with me. Pretty good night. I am off to bed now, as I do plan on running tomorrow morning because tomorrow night is FAMILY DINNER!!!!


Does anyone else watch REVENGE on Wednesday’s?

How upset are you that it is not new until April, Dan and I were devestated!

What did you eat today…..I love food as you can tell and if it was sugar bonus points for you! I would kill someone for ice cream (just kidding, but kind of not), but I realize it was worth it to give up something I love for Lent and make a sacrifice. For my health and religion!

Did you give up anything for Lent?

Don’t be like my Dad who said Applesauce, he doesnt like it so that does not count!

I’ll leave you with this Finny picture, he likes to watch television like this….

Floating Head Dog!!!!

Please tell me you watch Scrubs and get the reference!


2 Responses to “Hard workouts and good meals!”

  1. B.L. March 6, 2012 at 11:24 pm #

    Your meals look delish!!! I love this post 😉 also, this year I didn’t give up anything for lent, but next year I’m using all of my vacation days during lent so I can literally give up working!!!!

  2. Nicole Oppelt March 7, 2012 at 8:20 am #

    I love talking about food too–in fact, that’s usually the main part of my emails to and from friends during the workday: what we are eating lol. Yesterday I had an everything bagel with reduced fat cream cheese and tomatoes for breakfast–I’m in love now with cream cheese and tomatoes on top of any kind of english muffin or bagel! Yumm. And lunch was cut up strawberries (pretty much in every lunch or breakfast this week–thank you BigY for sales!) an egg salad sandwich on a whole wheat roll and a cherry coke zero can. Probally should’ve saved egg salad for lunch on Friday since no meat but I suppose I could always have that twice this week! I had realized I didn’t give up anything for Lent so I’ll give up candy, since I haven’t eaten any yet and I’m not sure how much that would bother me 😛

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