What inspires me to be fit and to run..a post in pictures!

7 Mar

So nothing very interesting happened today and since it is my rest day I have no workout to report. I know I said I was going to run this morning, but my legs are still mad at me from last night, and I would rather not chance anything.

I know I did a post about why I love running and you can find that HERE, dont worry this post is not the same as that.

If anyone else uses the website Pintrest, first of all follow my boards please! Secondly I have a fitness board and a running inspiration board.

So what motivates me to get out there on days I feel lazy and not encouraged to do anything?

Funny motivators like these:

And motivators like these:

There are more, but you will have to check out my pintrest boards to view them! I look at these whenever I feel blah about working out. I wish I could tell you I workout and run because it gives you a hot body really quickly, but I don’t and it doesn’t. Everything worth doing is hard work and takes dedication. I love hard work and I love seeing what I put in pay off. That is all I can ask for and that is all you can as for. Find something you love that is active, stick with it, eat cleaner and you will be on your way to changing your body in time.

I have to go pick up my Dad for family dinner now. It is Shephard’s Pie night, you KNOW there will be a picture tomorrow. See ya later!


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