Warm days and Scary Spiders

8 Mar

Today is so BEAUTIFUL! I really wish I did not have to work, so I could be outside running in this! Instead I will have to settle for a treadmill run when I get home since it will be dark and I have to go to a meeting after work!

Last night was family dinner night, and shepards pie night!

Yum mixed all together with some homemade gravy, it was certainly and indulgence and I was so glad to have it!

We also we relagated to watching American Idol, as all the shows we usually watch were repeats! My Aunt Tamarra thought it was so funny how short Ryan Seacrest is compared to this guy, sorry I do not know any of their names.

Sorry the picture is super white, it was the best one I could get, and does the job of showing you how short he is. My Aunt kept saying Seacrest is a Seahorse and thought it was so funny and should be on my blog, so there you go it is!

This morning I was like 10 minutes late to work due to this power truck from Pennsylvania, which for some reason was towing a trailer full of crap behind it!

There is like a wheelbarrow and some other junk in there, not really sure what they were doing. Aside from slowing me down hard!

Finally there was such a creepy story on Yahoo! today, you can find it HERE!

It is about how flooding took over an Australian town and wolf spiders, took over the town after the residents had to evacuate. If this ever happened here I would have a heart attack and probably die.

Tonight I will do a training post, so check back later, and enjoy the beautiful day!


One Response to “Warm days and Scary Spiders”

  1. Kim March 9, 2012 at 7:43 pm #

    I have to say I’m not a spider fan but I do have my irish grandmother’s and my irish aunt’s superstitions about not killing spiders… it’s bad luck so i try to leave my spiders alone…. but I have to say I found the story kind of cool. With no where to go and drowning the only option the spiders go above ground and survive. Pretty Darwin of them.

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