Trainer workouts, Free Clothes and Delicious Dinners!

10 Mar

Yesterday morning I woke up and felt terrible! I have been going through a strange period of super exhaustion and feeling sick to my stomach after everything I eat! The alarm went off at 5:30 am and I thought I would never be able to finish my scheduled workout with Jeff! I got to Fitness Underground around 6 am and infromed him of my aliment and my desire to not run on the treadmill for my warm up. However I did walk and got through the workout pretty darn good if I say so myself. The ab work was postiviely brutal, but worth it. Then I headed to work with a gallon of white grape juice, that was really the only thing that sounded at all appetizing. Work was fine but I kept feeling worse and worse, so I headed home around 2pm.

I think I mentioned that my Mom is on a business trip and I am covering her weekend shifts, if not I just did. 🙂

However on Thursday we were having a slight issue, so she drove back (she is only in Boston, Ma. so not far at all). When she came back she had brought me this wonderfulness!

Gifts for Dan and I! Let me clarify this is being talked about with Friday’s news since I ended up leaving it all at work until yesterday.


I think you can tell I wasn’t feeling good yesterday, no new post and my pictures were not staged well in my living room at ALL!

The first picture is Dan’s gifts two pairs of pant and shorts, one of each was Adidas Climacool and Climawarm, pretty much just there performance technology. It is pretty darn awesome though!

How do I know? Well because the second picture is three Adidas Performance tank tops (outlet price $5.00 each, how can you beat that!), 1 pair climacool pants, I loveeeeee them. Then two pairs of capris from the marshalls outlet. The top pair of capris will most likely become my go to spinning and yoga pants while the other two will be solely relegated to my one true love (besides Dan and Finny), RUNNING!

I know you are admiring my laundry basket in the background!

After I got home I pretty much was super lazy and just laid around. Then at around 5:45 I decided I was feeling okay but it was time to really sweat the bug out of me! I hoped into my new clothes and onto the treadmill and was off. Ease into 10k Week 3 Day 3 DONE! 39:05 minutes 3.56 miles! I will take it, feeling like crap, yet still improving my time from my last ease into workout rocks my world!

Then it was time for dinner with our friends Nikki and John. We went to one of my favorite places Plaza Azteca. Sorry for the really dark picture coming your way, but the restaurant is mood lit.

That picture is a little less than halfway through my burrito and that was how it went into the box. It was so yummy, Chicken Chipotle Burrito with Mango sauce and FRESH mangoes cut up over it! The bowl on the side was some bean, bacon and chorizzo sausage stew thing, that was good, but I couldnt handle the smell last night and didnt want to push my stomach!

Which brings us to today! As you know I am working and usually I am off, but I love my Mom and will cover for her. Especially when she bribes me with free running clothes! After work Krystle and I are headed out on a run, to continue training for our half marathon we will run together in September!

I will leave you with these…


Now I am not one to take Mirror pictures of myself for ANY reason, other than to bring content to my blog, so see its all for you! 🙂

This was my outfit today, I love the sweater, but not that I had no way to close it so I used this pin. I also am rocking the green Adidas tank as casual wear…I am a rebel! The pin was left to me by my Great Aunt Annie, who always called me Sasha (my name in Russian), was a super cool chick from California, always mailed me cookbooks and left me her prized elephant collection. I was so lucky to have her in my life! I inherited a bunch of her brooches as well and had no use for them except blazers. I have gotten so many compliments on my sweater and its unique button! I think the compliments are more about how cool of a lady she was, and I am glad I can keep a piece of her with me.


3 Responses to “Trainer workouts, Free Clothes and Delicious Dinners!”

  1. runningcorgi March 11, 2012 at 6:48 pm #

    You look great!!

    • Alex K March 11, 2012 at 7:25 pm #

      Thank you so much!

  2. Nicole Oppelt March 15, 2012 at 10:20 am #

    Now I’m excited for outlet shopping at the end of the month because I hope I score good workout clothes deals at the Nike, Adidas and Underarmor outlets :))

    Oh and have you been spinning at the Vernon Cardio Express yet? I went once in Manchester a year+ ago and want to try again but of course I’m nervous to do it alone lol.

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