I found my Camera Cord!

11 Mar

Expect some much better pictures on the blog, as I found my camera cord today and as promised I will upload the pictures from our bowling extravaganza. If you want to read the original post click HERE. Anyway here they are.

I usually wear a size 9 womens, I asked for that, the lady gave me size 8’s they were giant, hot and wet from being sprayed….YAY! (But really ICKY!) I had to take a picture as my friend Christine and I got the same size and they were SO big.

Derek action shot!

Dan, watching that orange ball roll, we told him to Tebow if he got a strike but he wasn’t down for that. Something about people thinking hes a loser….clearly thats not an issue with me.

Christine action shot!

Me action shot!

One day if your lucky you too will have a husband that takes super flattering pictures of you pulling up your pants!

The happy couple!

And finally our scores!

Christine beat me by 4, we were hustling the boys with our skills!

But in game two Derek came back to win it all!


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