Springing Ahead.

11 Mar

Today is Daylight Savings time, I usually dread this day. Today though I am loving it because I figure it gives me more time to run outside after work! Sorry treadmill I will have to catch you later!

Since spring is almost here, I figured most people give their house a cleaning makeover, and I am in the process of a body makeover. So here is a little something we can all use for a mind makeover. Every Sunday I will post positive quotes, pictures and stories so you know it is okay to feel good about yourself, no matter how you look, what people think, etc. You have to love yourself first!

I think in today’s society women do not love, value or respect themselves as much as the should and deserve! In anything you do there is that quote you can go back to which says the only person who can beat you is YOU! This is especially true in running and self confidence! I hope people look at these pictures and take the time to reflect how awesome you are and that you are worth it! Plus I think you are wonderful even if I do not know you personally you read my blog and that makes you cool in my book!

I love Audrey, after all my wedding shower was a Breakfast at Tiffanys theme!

Confidence is key, have you ever worn an outfit you know looks good so you carry yourself different and get so many compliments! Try it, and know that if you think you are worth it you are!

This is the most important, you are who you are, if other people are bothered by it that is there problem. The people who like you for you matter the one’s who don’t, and  don’t deserve your time!

And finally just because it is super cute and this IS a running blog after all….

Have a wonderful Sunday and be good to yourselves!


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