Things I forgot to post and exciting news!

15 Mar

So Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning I took a bunch of food pictures and planned on posting them but life got in my way. When I got home from work Tuesday, (it was my first rest day of the week, today is my second and last) I was super hungry! I had some chicken salad from Costco and some flat breads so I made a sandwich…so good!

No that is not a plate made from bread, but it was so good! Also dijionaise makes my whole life worth living! Some chicken salad, dijionaise, and mixed salad on one of these babies is where its at!

These little fluffy pillows of happiness taste liked a grilled pita bread…..could there be a better material for a roll-up!?!?! I ask you and I say NO! I will be buying these babies every time I go to Costco.

Full dinner was the sandwich, peach-mango salsa and tortilla chips. Clearly everyone must take bites out of their sandwiches for pictures so you can see the pretty insides! That salsa was crazy good, and comes in a giant tub, so it can top everything in my life, salads, baked potatoes, wraps, I even made a soup with it. So the possibilities are endless!

My latest food obsession is this….

Cold milk, crunchy corn flakes and bananas is a timeless classic that will never not be a staple in my book!

So now onto the exciting news, today I got myself a part time job. I am my own boss and make my own hours and will tell you all about it when I get my starter kit in the mail! Plus it is the very most fun job you can have aside from my current job. I mean clearly I don’t work enough so why not add on!

Also my mom completely rocks my socks and got me so much cool stuff from today for an Easter present. She is the coolest and I do not understand why I am getting or deserve an Easter present but I will take it and cannot wait to show you all!

Now I am off to bed, it is so late (for old ladies like me)  and I have to be to workout at 6am! I do not enjoy going to Jeff’s cranky and I don’t think he likes it much either! Tomorrow I have running group again and will be re-doing my catagories so there is one for FOOD, one for RUNning and one for FUN…..get it just like the blog name. Thus easier to follow. I will also be starting to add the multitude of recipes I have created to the blog!


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