My new job and running group!

16 Mar

Today after work I have running group with Krystle and Nicole. Apparently Krystle’s boyfriend Tom will be joining us soon and Dan will again also. I was thinking if anyone else is interested we can get a group together. We have a lot of fun and since everyone is basically a beginner we are starting with slow intervals and going from there. I really don’t want anyone to get burnt out on it or hate it, or feel like they cannot do it. Because they can and so can you! So if you are a CT reader of the blog contact me about it. My email is on my about me page.

In other news I shared yesterday that I had taken on a part time job. Since I will be getting my starter kit within the week and am beginning to get together my launch party, (April 15th @ 2pm….leave your calenders open!) I will announce it here.

I became a Scentsy Consultant! If you do not know what that is you will! It is one of the fastest growing companies in the country and is the best thing to ever happen to candles, body products and more. The scents are strong and wonderful, you will never go back to regular candles!


Well time to finish up some work then go running with the girls!


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