Sunday Motivation

18 Mar

I realize I am cutting it so super close today, but I forgot to post my Sunday Motivation this morning! Today was all about resting and cleaning. I took the day off from running today as we celebrated St. Patty’s last night and had some drinks, while I was no where near drunk it just felt right to be kind of lazy today! I did get some cleaning done and felt pretty good about that. With running group taking place here the girls are at our house every other day and I hate to admit that it has been kind of messy lately. I as talking to Krystle about this one day and she said to me your house doesn’t look bad it looks lived in. It looks like you have a great life together and that your house is a home. That made me feel a lot better, I mean we both work a lot and like to relax together when were home and both done with workouts it is usually 9 or 10pm and we are watching tv together and talking about our days. It made me think I a glad we have a perfect life and if that makes a perfect house keeping go by the wayside so be it! No one is perfect and we have a little dog, who kind of keeps it impossible to have sparkly clean floors and well so does Dan. His bike is currently in our living room. But our life is fun and our house is just fine! Its not overly messy and dirty do not get me wrong. I clean the toilets, bathrooms kitchen counters, dishes, laundry etc. I am talking about mail cluttered on your counters and dustbunnies in the corners. I am saying thats okay! I also wanted to share these pictures!


Have a great week everyone!


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