A rant on people’s clothing choices now a days!

21 Mar

Last night on our local news, yes I am an 90 year old lady I watch local news before bed and murder she wrote on the treadmill…someone get me my hearing aid. Anywho the news said local schools re looking into banning skinny jeans and possibly some leggings as well! I have to agree, kids today dress crazy. When we were in high school we could not wear shorts that when our hands were put to our sides our finger tips were longer than. My grandmother could not wear skirts that were above her knees in the 50’s. Now girls I know where shorts as long as boy short underwear and apparently thats cool!

Also leggings some are completely see through and I am not just talking about teenagers, which prompted this:

An Open Letter To People At The Gym:

Dear Everyone Who Goes to my Gym,

While I know I am certainly no Fashion Plate, my clothes hardly ever match and my shoes and knee socks are loud and proud, but at least I don’t dress like half of you! Let’s change it up people! Yes I am speaking to you lady who must style her hair because she wears it down in loose Jessica Simpson Esque curls and full make-up! First off how do you even work out?!?!? Your hair must stick everywhere because it is super long and do you even know how bad for your skin that is!!!! CRAZY!

Im also talking to you older man that works out in Jeans, or Jean Shorts and a Jean Button down shirt and boots? How do they even let you into the gym. You look like you are going to cut down trees and climb onto the Brawny Label not work out! Plus you stare at me in a creepy way so that is not cool either!

Finally to the girl who was on the elliptical in front of me last Sunday. I am very happy for you that you have a nice body and clearly love yourself, but see through black leggings (which Im guessing is only happening because they are SKIN tight,) and a bright teal thong are not what I want to watch in front of me. The old man on the treadmill next to me loved it though and I was sure if I was not there he would have snapped a picture!

Again I am not trying to pick on anyone I just do not understand peoples thinking. Seriously workout clothes no makeup and a ponytail are some of my favorite and most comfortable times on this earth! Don’t you want to enjoy that feeling s well trust me it is amazing!


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