Timing yourself with a stove and two a days!

21 Mar

The race is Saturday as you know and my Garmin is broken as you also know. So I had to figure out a way to time our loop, what better way then to use the stove in the house run out start your warm up do the run then run down the driveway and check. While not the most accurate it got the job done. Especially since sticking my Iphone in my sports bra is not good as it gets pretty sweaty. Since it is already older than dirt I dont think that is good for it. We left the house at 6:10, yes I waited until it changed from 6:09- 6:10 as I did not know how far into the minute it was. We went on the run and still not feeling well, plus tapering, plus broken watches make me a cranky whiny bitch mode lady and I did not enjoy that. Luckily Krystle was also cranky. This all added up to more walking than usual which was probably a good thing since I am supposed to be tapering and Im only about 1 mile under where I usually am.  We got back at 6:50, which equals a 40 minute time, not bad for the amount of walking we did and only 4 minutes slower than my last race! If I pace myself the whole race I should be good to go!

I feel prepared for the race and am sure I will be feeling much better and amped up to see my college pals!

After the race is over and I take my Sunday rest day I will get back into my 2 a days. A of now the only ones I am getting in are when I go to Jeff to train in the morning and run at night. I would love to be doing 3-4 quality two a days again and really progress in my training. I am not trying to rush it, just trying to get the number of mileage needed. I feel like the past couple weeks with running group I have taken it down to help the girls and will still love doing that, especially as they are getting faster and have more endurance. GO GIRLFRIENDS!!!!! But also because I love my long runs where I can space out and take off when I can and do speedwork etc. I need more structured work outs. If you know me in real life you know I will have a detailed account of every workout I am planning on doing for the month in my day planner by Sunday morning!


One Response to “Timing yourself with a stove and two a days!”

  1. runningcorgi March 21, 2012 at 11:55 pm #

    Nice way to improvise! You’re doing so good, Alex. You’ll have a great race!

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